Backyard Rewards Club


Win every day with Backyard Rewards

Join the Backyard Rewards Club and you'll also be a winner every time you shop in store. You'll get a big fat point for every dollar you spend on everyday priced items. And you don't need a billion points to save a cent!

How does it work?

We’ll reward you with points every time you shop with us. And we’re not talking chicken feed. You’ll earn one point for every $1 you spend on everyday priced items in your local City Farmers store. Collect 200 points and we’ll take $10 off your next purchase. You can find out more  in our FAQ or  view the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Too easy.

It’s so simple a Golden Retriever could work it out. The more you shop at City Farmers, the more points you earn and the more discounts and special offers you enjoy. If you’re not a member yet, pop into any City Farmers store and ask one of our friendly team members to sign you up.

You’re special, you are.

Become one of our besties (or beasties) and you’ll also receive special invites, members-only privileges, bonus points and gifts. Now and again, we’ll give you a cooee by mail or email, to let you know what’s going on at our place.

Come and say ciao. Or chow.

If you just want to know what’s going on at City Farmers, sign up to receive our newsletter. We promise we won’t share your details with anyone dodgy.

Backyard Rewards Club