Mulches & Soils

That's Better, Mulch Better

If you ate junk food every day you’d be in a pretty sorry state. The same goes for your garden. And a garden’s daily bread is its soil. So the best way to make sure your garden’s got a healthy diet is to invest in the best.

And then there’s mulch – the hardest working thing in your garden, except you of course. Get the right stuff and it’ll do so much more than make your beds look neat and tidy. It keeps temperatures stable around your plants’ roots to stimulate growth, helps retain precious moisture and keeps the weeds down. So a regular top up with traditional, organic mulch or wood chips can do your garden a world of good.

We also stock the smelly stuff like Moo Poo and Ewe Poo, to give your beds a boost when it counts. But only your garden beds, mind you. Sprinkle this stuff on your mattress and you’d be rather disappointed with the results. 

Too mulch to process? Don’t worry. Our guys and girls are up to their elbows in brown stuff every day, so ask them which products will work best at your place.

No mucking about

Because some of our stores only carry pet products, make sure you give your local store a call or check our Store Locator before ducking in. 

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