Pest Control

Beat The Bugs

Your garden is crawling with uninvited guests, and we’re not talking about your in-laws. Unlike in-laws, not all bugs are a pain in the aspidistra. Some do a great job of maintaining your soil and gobbling up the pesky bugs. The trick is to banish the bad ones while taking care of the good guys.

We’ve compiled a massive collection of insecticides, baits, pellets, soaps and oils that target troublesome bugs. Seriously, it’s huge. You can see some of the brands we carry over here. And if there's a pet-friendly or natural alternative available, we’ll make sure we have it.  If you’re not sure what you need, remember that our bug-busting team are always happy to help you identify the culprits and send you down the garden path armed with the right treatments for the problem at hand.

Before you go buzzing off to your local store though, give the team a quick call or check out our Store Locator. Some of our stores aren't big enough to carry our growing garden range and are exclusively for pets.

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