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Your plants are no different to the rest of your family; they need the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, water, sunshine and shade. Only they can’t tell you when they’ve got a tummy ache, so ask us and we’ll help you make sure they don’t get under the weather.

If prize orchids or baby tomato plants could drive, they’d hop in their wheelbarrows and scoot down to City Farmers. But they can’t so you’ll have to come in and pick up their goodies for them; slow release fertilisers, liquid feeders, lifters and soil additives. All handpicked by City Farmers for the best results and value for money.


You’ve got air con, they’ve got City Farmers.

Your plants feel the heat too, and according to the scientists, it’s not going to get any cooler for a few thousand years. We don’t recommend you wait that long before you invest in some soil wetters. We’ve got everything from super-absorbent granules for planting time to bulk hose-on packs for ongoing maintenance – products that help your plants squeeze every drop of valuable water you sprinkle their way.

We’re really picky about the brands we pick and we’re always on the lookout for plant care products that are as eco-friendly as they are effective. So pop in and find out what’s best for your garden, and our great big garden, Planet Earth.

Keen to head on into store to stock up? Make sure you call ahead or check out our store locator – some of our stores don't have room for our growing garden range.


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