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So you’ve got your soil wetters to make the most of our precious water, but you’ll also need the other good stuff. Soil conditioners, improvers and good old ‘blood and bone’ to give your garden beds the boost they need to tough-out our climate. We also stock the super hero of the garden world, liquid weather shield, which helps fight off plant disease and brings hot and cold weather to its knees. Wham. Smash. Pow.

Remember, no two gardens are the same. Each one needs different degrees of TLC, depending on where you live, what the weather’s like and how sturdy your plants are. Just ask our green-thumbed experts to help you find the best combination of products for your garden. Or if you already know what you need (you clever clogs!) take a look-see at our brands to see if we’ve got what you’re after. Make sure you give your local team a quick buzz first though – some of our stores are exclusively for pets. 

While we're all part of the same City Farmers family, each store is different and a good handful are exclusively for pets. So before you push your wheel barrow down to your local store, give them a bell first to check they carry garden products. 

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