Seeds & Seedlings

Anyone Can Be A City Farmer

There’s something about the taste of a home-grown tomato or strawberry that the shop-bought stuff just can’t compete with. Perhaps it’s the taste of success – knowing that you, with a little help from Mother Nature and City Farmers, grew it yourself, you clever thing you.


Gardens grow kids too.

There’s no better way to teach kids that food doesn’t grow in polystyrene than proving it in your own backyard. What’s more, when kids grow veggies, they eat veggies. It’s no less than a miracle! Gardening gets them outside and active as well. Sure they’ll get grubby, but that’s more than half the fun.

Grown-ups can play too. We stock a huge range of seeds, seed growing kits and everything you need to get your edible garden growing. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to grow herbs, flowers, fruit or veggies. We even have catnip and cat grass seeds to spoil your feline friends. And remember, your shopping bill shrinks when your veggies grow.

Before you get going, or growing, make sure you give your local store a shout to see what's sprouting. Some of our stores are exclusively for pets, and we wouldn't want you to be disappointed.

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