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Down boy!

We don’t know the meaning of 'sit’, so in 2008 we joined forces with Fleastoppers and Doggywash to create City Farmers Mobile Dogwash. A service that scrubs the grub (and the grubs) off your best buddies, and leaves them looking a few dog-years younger.

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Could you put a price on your pooch?

Introducing City Farmers Petplan Insurance!

We love them to bits, but a massive vet bill can seriously test that love. It happens. The little blighters get into scraps, swallow fishing-reels and chase motorbikes. And even if you haven’t got a kamikaze kitten, or a psycho spaniel, all animals get long in the tooth and start leaking and creaking. So we’ve developed City Farmers Petplan Insurance. It will help when your furry friend gets injured or sick. It is structured so you can claim quickly, and we can even pay the vet directly.

We also recognise that pets are for life. Our Covered for Life plans offer genuine ‘lifetime’ cover for reoccurring or chronic conditions.

With City Farmers Petplan you can focus on pampering your poorly pet, and leave worrying about paying the bills to us.

Call 1300 303 512 or get a quote online.

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