Love them or hate them, you’ve got to admire cats. They sleep all day, party all night, and get dinner and cuddles laid on when they occasionally honour us with their presence. At City Farmers, we’re definitely in the ‘love them’ camp, proving that it is possible to be both cat and dog people simultaneously.

Despite the life of luxury, it’s not easy being a cat. They need a complex combination of nutrients to stay healthy. And not just the fancy-pants breeds with squashy noses. Even your rough and ready, street-fighting ‘bitsa’ needs a fine balance of the good stuff. So at City Farmers, we’ve got high quality dry and wet cat food to cater for even the most finicky felines. And of course once the food’s done its job, we can help you out with a choice of litter and litter boxes as well. We’ve also got beds, collars and bowls, toys and scratching posts. They’ll still scratch your furniture of course. Especially your best bits. (How do they know?)

If your fair-weather friend is carrying any nasty freeloaders, like fleas or worms, we’ve got a complete range of products that’ll get rid of them and help puss-puss stay rid of them. All this plus a very helpful team who don’t party all night or sleep all day.

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