Scaley Mates

Reptiles aren’t everyone’s cup of Bushells, but that’s why we think they’re so cool. Like teenagers, they’re just misunderstood. They’re not slimy or creepy, they’re charismatic and cute. We think so anyway. What’s more, they’re a little slither of pre-history right there in your home.

But as fun and fascinating as keeping snakes and lizards can be, reptiles need as much care and attention as furry pets. Making sure you have the right equipment to keep them happy and healthy is serious business. Yes, lizards can be happy. They smile on the inside.

Before purchasing a reptile as a pet, think about how much time and budget you can spare. You’ll need to invest in safe and secure housing, lighting and temperature control, and appropriate bedding and food. But don’t go cold on the idea of reptiles, our team are always there to give you no-frills advice on your scaley mates.

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Scaley Mates