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If you ask us, the most important space in your home isn’t in your home. The backyard is where it’s happening. It’s the place where you hang with the kids, the pets, the neighbours and the washing. At City Farmers we’re all about helping you make the most of your own piece of the outback – or outfront.  So whether you’re into pools, pets or primroses, make friends with the guys and girls at City Farmers and we’ll see you right.

Backyards are what make this country great. Without them there would be no Hills Hoist, gladiolas or BBQs. Just try putting a Hills Hoist in the kitchen. Your clothes will smell like onions and you’ll find socks in your soup.

And then there’s the great Aussie weekend. Friends and family drop in with their swimming togs, the aroma of snags on the barbie fills the air and backyard cricket gets the TV turned off without a word of complaint. So take care of your backyard. It takes care of you.

Now we realise you’re reading this on the internet, and you might be looking for the ‘Deliver My Dung’ button. Unfortunately, there are some things that the postman just won’t pick up. 20kg bags of poo are one of them. So while we have heaps of products for sprucing up your garden and pool, you’ll just have to swing by one of our stores to pick them up.*

That’s not to say we can’t help you do a bit of research before you come by. Follow the links on the left to find what you need to know about our garden and pool ranges and then follow your nose to your nearest store.

* Yes, it’s an asterisk. Some of our stores are devoted entirely to all your pet needs. Just check our Store Locator here or give your local store a call to find out more.

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