Come In & Splash Out

Mum dips in a tentative toe before sliding in at the shallow end. Dad sucks in his belly, lifts his chin and attempts a half-pike. And the kids destroy the serenity with loud splashy bombs. It’s all part of the fun.

But nothing spoils that fun like itchy red eyes or green-tinged water, so make sure you get your chemistry right. If you’re ever in doubt, give us a shout. We can’t advise you on your half-pike technique, but we do know how to keep your pool or spa happy and healthy. So don’t just jump in at the deep end, drop into a City Farmers and find out exactly how to keep your pool safe and clean.

While all of our guys and girls are happy to help in anyway they can, not all of our stores carry our poolcare range. So before you dive into store, jump over to find your local store and check if they have what you're after. 


What the pH?

We don’t have lab coats or singed eyebrows, but we do know a thing or two about chemistry. In fact if there was a Noble Prize for Pool-ology we reckon we’d be in with a chance. For instance, we know that your pool or spa should have a pH of 7.2-7.6, a chlorine level of 1.0-3.0, 80-100 ppm alkalinity, 5% low salt chlorinates and 7% high salt chlorinates.

In English? We’ll help you keep your pool in that happy-place, between a swamp and an acid bath. Although we don’t do water testing in store, we do sell simple kits that even an amoeba could use.


What are you doing in my pool?

What is it about wasps and swimming pools? Don’t they teach their kids to stay away from water? Clearly not. Don’t fret, we’ve got scoops for the insects, leaves and UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects), as well as brushes, pool hoses and vacuum heads for the slimy stuff.

If the ick factor is off the Richter scale, fear not - our friendly team members have seen it all before and are on hand to guide you through the fascinating world of stabilisers, shock treatments, flocculants and stain removers. If you don’t know what flocculants are, don’t worry, we do.

Striped Beach Ball

Remember, if liquid chlorine is the right choice for you, you can bring your empty drum back to us for a refund or exchange it for a new one.



Pool Products

  • Pool Salt
  • Pool Chlorine Sanitisers
  • Pool pH & Alkalinity Adjusters
  • Pool Algaecides
  • Pool & Spa Treatments & Clarifiers
  • Pool & Spa Stain Removers
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