Our Story

What are you doing staring at a computer screen? Get out into the backyard and do something outdoorsy!

Oh, wait, come back. You should read this first.

We’d like to help you make the most of your backyard, whether that means gardening, pool time or mucking around with your pets.

And we’re not just about selling products. Sure we need to shift stock to survive, but we also offer a lot that you don’t have to buy, like expert advice and inspiration. It’s all about connecting our customers to the things that make life great, like pets, families, communities and the environment. 


From little things…

It was 1991. Vanilla Ice was in the charts, Bob Hawke was PM, a litre of petrol cost 70 cents, and our three founding partners opened their first City Farmers store. It’s not clear whether they were listening to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ when they decided to set up shop, but they did stop, collaborate and listen to the people of Perth. And the people of Perth said they wanted somewhere they could buy premium pet food and pet supplies, garden sprays, fertilisers, pool salt and chlorine in bulk.

By 2005 we had grown to 10 stores in Perth and it seemed everyone could sing our catchy “Come to City Farmers” jingle. Once we were so busy, the police had to come down to control traffic outside our Kelmscott store! We blame the jingle.

Like a Labrador puppy, we never stay still. We’ve given all our stores a bit of a spruce up and we’re opening a litter of new stores in Western Australia. To find the most convenient store for you simply head over here.

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