Our Team

The guys and girls you meet at City Farmers are a very special breed. They’re not afraid of getting a bit of dirt under their fingernails, and they’re trained in hands-on pet, garden and pool care.

Each member of our team is handpicked for their know-how, their down-to-earth attitudes and their willingness to get stuck in. And they do get stuck in. When you sell mulches, soils and other smelly stuff (you really don’t want to know where our organic fertilisers come from) you can’t expect to stay clean. But for our team, mucking-in is half the fun. Just don’t take one of them out on a date before they’ve had a shower.

It’s not all about brawn. We use our brains too. We pride ourselves on offering smart advice on everything from fish-flu to fertiliser.

While we’re looking after our two and four-legged friends, gardens, aquariums and pools, we’re always conscious of looking after the great big garden we all share – Planet Earth.

Above all else, we love what we do. We really get a kick out of it – and we love that our customers do too.


Join our herd

City Farmers CareersWe’re always looking for people who get a kick out of helping others, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. If this sounds like you,  then view City Farmer's current employment opportunities. Click Here

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