Out with the TV screen and in with the aquarium, that’s what we say. Fish make wonderful pets. And you can watch them for hours without seeing a single ad. Even though you can’t give them cuddles or pats, or train them to fetch your slippers, they can be very rewarding family members. A number of studies have shown that aquariums actually reduce stress and prevent hair-loss*.

From exotic looking bettas (you might know these guys as Siamese Fighting Fish) to vividly coloured cichlids (these are our foreign fishy friends from South America and Africa), there’s a wonderful world of finned folk to choose from for your perfect aquarium.


It's worth remembering that fish aren’t the smartest life forms on the planet and in an aquarium they need a little help from their human hosts. Stuff like fish food, plants, ornaments and water treatments. The good news is we’re packed to the gills with fishy paraphernalia, including the fish and the tanks – big and small – to get you started. We’ve got mates in all the right places who know their fishy facts and make some ship-shape products too.

We’re not just about the tanks and the tablets, we also have an ocean of experience in the aquatic arena. So before you dive in the deep end, come in for a chat.


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