Puppy School

Welcome to City Farmers Puppy School

The City Farmers Puppy School gives your Puppy a great start to it’s new life in your family. The classes are group sessions conducted by trained and qualified Puppy Trainers at various City Farmers stores.

In a Puppy’s early life you have the biggest influence on ‘the dog they will become’!


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“Puppy Socialisation SUCCESS is a dog having a CALM CONTROLLED REACTION to other dogs”

A successfully socialised dog doesn’t react wildly, aggressively or uncontrolled to other dogs when out walking. Rather the dog’s attention remains focused on the owner and is not bothered by the presence of other animals or strange noises.

What a puppy experiences in its early months will influence what it learns and carries through the rest of its life. A playful puppy brings lots of joy but as an adult dog this needs to be supported by good behaviour and communication skills.

Our Puppy school trainers consist of experienced Staff, RSPCA Trainers, Greencross Veterinary Nurses or other qualified dog trainers who all have a desire to help your puppy reach their potential.


RSPCAWA Training Partners

City Farmers are excited to work with the professionals from the RSPCAWA. The RSPCAWA’s experienced puppy School instructors operate in many of our WA stores to help us provide this valued service in a safe, indoor environment.


Bring the Family

Your puppy is now a part of the family so we welcome you to bring the kids along too. It’s important all members of the family know how to train your puppy and help in its development. City Farmers Puppy School will teach all of you about puppy socialisation, obedience training, how dogs communicate, leading your dog, keeping your dog and family safe, healthy dog care and importantly how to handle naughty behaviour. We will show you how your puppy learns and the best way to teach them.

At City Farmers Puppy School your puppy will be taught basic manners and obedience techniques plus vital socialisation and development skills in a fun and interactive environment for dogs of all breeds.


Our Puppy Classes include:

  • How a Puppy views the world and communicates
  • How your puppy understands and learns
  • Calming your Puppy
  • Handling techniques
  • Socialising your dog around other dogs & people
  • The health of your dog


Obedience and training cues:

  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Come
  • Wait / Stay
  • Walking on a lead
  • Clicker training


Handling ‘unwanted’ puppy behaviours such as:

  • Jumping & Biting
  • Toilet training
  • Crying at night and other Separation behaviours
  • Overly excited or hyper moods


Puppies should be aged between 8-16 weeks old prior to the first class.

For the safety of your Pup and the other Puppies there, each Puppy must have had at least one vaccination 2 weeks before they attend a class with other pups.

We run classes with 4 to 10 puppies depending on the size of the training location within our store.

Some of our team and locations offer additional courses for older dogs or advanced training techniques. Please ask your City farmers trainer for more information on what’s available in your area.