Rewards Program



Earn points with every purchase

On top of your upfront benefits, every dollar you spend instore or online with City Farmers or Greencross Vets will earn you points towards more savings. The points you earn are linked to your membership status. Once you’ve earned 6,000 points, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 loyalty voucher to be used on your next purchase, instore or online. Easy!

Benefits of Friends For Life include:

  • Automatically receive a $10 voucher after you have accrued 6,000 points.*
  • Access to over $120 worth of exclusive benefits to members
  • Access to special offers and discounts
  • Advance notice of events and promotions
  • Frequent Feeder Program – Buy selected dog or cat food and get 15% off your next month’s food purchase

When you join Friends For Life you’ll be automatically given membership status – Silver. The more you spend with City Farmers or Greencross Vets, the more you will be rewarded and your status will be automatically upgraded to Gold or Platinum if your spend increases over the year.

How many points will you earn?

Silver Gold Platinum

Points earned per $1

10pts 12pts 14pts

Points to redeem $10 loyalty credit

6,000 6,000 6,000

Yearly spend

Up to $550 $550 – $1,100 Over $1,100

*Refer to full terms and conditions

Upfront benefits for every customer

To welcome you to the new Friends For Life, you can take advantage of an exciting range of valuable yearly benefits and savings, which are detailed below. As you can see, when your membership status changes, so do the benefits. With benefits such as a free night in a Pet Hotel, complimentary nail clipping at Greencross Vets, and savings vouchers throughout the year, add up the value and you could be saving hundreds of dollars each year with your Friends For Life benefits. Your benefits are valid for 12 months, before you get the same benefits again – or even more rewards if you’ve qualified for a status upgrade.



Our Frequent Feeder Program – 15% off next months dog or cat food purchase

If you regularly buy ANY dog or cat food, get set to be rewarded more often and more easily with our Frequent Feeder Program, exclusively available at Petbarn and City Farmers. When you buy your preferred dog or cat food, you’ll instantly be rewarded with 15% to redeem on your next dog or cat food purchase in the following calendar month. PLUS, you’re not locked into any brand of food. This offer can be used across any Wet or Dry dog and cat food.

Track your rewards at

You can keep an eye on your rewards points and your Frequent Feeder status by logging in to your account here. If you haven’t already activated your online profile, it only takes a minute to register. Online members are the first to know about the latest offers from City Farmers and Greencross Vets along with special opportunities to earn bonus Friends For Life points and reach your rewards sooner.


It’s Free – Simply join online now or at any City Farmers store or Greencross Vets clinic and start earning and redeeming points.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?
You can sign up in store, in a Greencross Vets clinic, by sending an email to or online.
Where can I earn and redeem points?
At present you can earn and redeem points on all transactions in City Farmers stores and online and Greencross Vets. To find a City Farmers store near you, click here.
Does it cost anything?
No. Friends For Life is an entirely free to be a member and is run for the benefit of its members.
Do I earn points even when items are on sale?
Yes. You earn points for every single dollar you spent, even if a discount has already been applied.
How long does it take to earn a $10 voucher?
Friends For Life members earn a $10 voucher for every 6000 points accrued.
How will my $10 voucher be issued?
Your voucher will remain on your membership profile. Once awarded, you can choose to use it on your next transaction in City Farmers or at participating Greencross Vets, or any following transaction.
Can I earn points for things that I buy from City Farmers online?
Yes, earning your rewards online is easy
Do I have to use my voucher in the same place I earned it?
You can use your voucher anywhere with the Friends For Life program. Eg any City Farmers store or Greencross Vets.
Can I split my $10 voucher and spend it on several transactions?
$10 vouchers must be spent in a single transaction.
How do I update my address or email?
You can update your details in store, in clinic or by sending an email to or online. How do I unsubscribe from your emails?
Please open your last email and use the “unsubscribe” link on the bottom of the email. If you have any further issues, please email Please note: if you unsubscribe you will no longer receive special discount vouchers, offers and invitations to exclusive events.
I’ve lost my card.
Staff can look up your details by phone number or email address at the time of transaction and don’t require a membership card. If you still like a replacement, please email
I’m a Healthy Pets Plus Member- is it worth joining Friends For Life?
HPP members can easily accrue points on their transactions, including membership payments, by joining Friends For Life. It’s a great idea to sign up.

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You can sign up online at City or in your local City Farmers store or participating Greencross Vets clinic.